The Story

Film Synopsis

When Kings Battle portrays a ruler transformed by the power of story. After seeing a beautiful woman bathing on her roof, the Emperor has her husband killed and takes her for himself. The palace Storyteller uses the power of an engaging story to cause the Emperor see what he has done.

Director’s Statement

When King’s Battle is a story I have wanted to tell for several years now. It is loosely based on an ancient Hebrew story. The power of story is one of life’s greatest mysteries and When Kings Battle is ultimately about that power. Studying what makes story powerful and how that power can be harnessed is one of the great passions of my life. I wanted to create a new world for this story. A world that had elements we were familiar with but that transcended any particular place or time. I like to refer to the world as International steampunk. While traditional steampunk only draws from Victorian influences, International steampunk draws equally from China, India, Morrocco as well as Victorian England. This is a land where victrolas meet machine guns. Story has the ability to bypass the head and go straight to the heart. I hope this story does just that for the audience.